Apple is Giving You a Chance to Save $100 on AirPods Max


Right now, at this very moment, you can save $100 on the wonderful AirPods Max headphones. This deal brings the price down to just $449.

Apple's Wonderful AirPods Max are Available for Just $449 for a Limited Time - Flat $100 Discount

Amazon is a wonderful place to be in if you're looking to score a solid deal on an Apple product. Right now, you can save $100 on the AirPods Max, which is a huge saving, that too without having to do anything at all - no coupons or discount codes needed.

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Once you part ways with $449, you get the best-ever headphones Apple has ever made. They are powered by the company's own H1 chip, which allows for instant pairing, instant switching and exceptionally great active noise cancellation.

But, compared to any other pair of headphones which Apple sells, the AirPods Max are the best when it comes to audio quality as it delvers a perfect balance of lows, mids and highs. If you are buying these in hope for exaggerated bass like older models of Beats, then you won't find it here. But you will get a perfectly balanced sound, which is nothing but wonderful.

You also get support for Hey Siri with the AirPods Max, and it makes sense too as they are a part of Apple's ecosystem. Just say Hey Siri and ask what you need from the assistant. Whether you want to send a text message, make a call, want to know a fact or just play a song, Siri will help you out.

Last but not the least, these headphones are made from aluminum and scream quality. The mesh headband design ensures that you can wear these headphones for several hours without being bogged down by the weight on top of your head. There is also a Digital Crown on the right to adjust the volume while a dedicated button exists to switch between noise cancelling and transparency modes.

If you are sold on the AirPods Max, then you might want to head over to the link below in order to get this deal for yourself. Remember, this is only a limited time deal. If you go to Amazon right now and see the headphones at their regular price, then it is highly likely that you missed on the offer.

Buy Apple AirPods Max - Was $549, now just $449