AirPods are Currently Down to $129, Save $30 Instantly

Save $30 on brand new AirPods 2

The AirPods with Charging Case are back in stock and currently going for just $129, saving you $30 instantly compared to what Apple charges.

Upgrade to the Second-Generation AirPods with Charging Case for a Low Price of Just $129, Save $30 Right Away

The second-generation AirPods are a huge leap compared to the first one when it comes to battery life and reliability. You can switch between different devices in half the time thanks to the new H1 chip, while you also get an additional feature addition in the form of 'Hey Siri,' allowing you to control your iPhone or iPad using voice commands. And right now, all of this and more can be yours for a low price of just $129, taking $30 off the official MSRP.

AirPods really don't need any introduction at this point. They are the greatest true wireless earbuds ever made. Just pop open the lid, bring the Charging Case near an iPhone or iPad, tap on Connect and you're done. That's it. There's no need to press and hold random buttons in order to get paired up. It just works.

The Charging Case provides up to 24 hours of battery life, which means you can charge the AirPods up once and they should be good for a week if you are a mild listener. If you want to charge up again, just plug in the Lightning cable at the bottom of the case and off you go.

Usually, the AirPods 2 retail for around the $139 mark on Amazon most of the time. But it's rare that they see a price drop to $129, saving you $30. What this means is that this deal is a rare one and you should take advantage of it if you are looking to save some money on a brand new pair of true wireless earphones.

Buy Apple AirPods with Charging Case - Was $159, now just $129

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