Age of Empires 2 HD ‘The African Kingdoms’ Update Coming Next Week


Age of Empires 2 HD still has a very large and loyal following, and Microsoft Studios with the help of Forgotten Empires is continuing to bring new content to fans of one of the best RTS games in history.

The newest expansion, called The African Kingdoms, is due out in only a few days and will have four new civilizations and four new, deep, campaigns to play through.

Age of Empires 2 HD lives on, with the first true expansion in 16 years.

The African Kingdoms brings to live the Berbers, Malians, Ethiopians and the Portuguese in an entirely new environment that lets you play and conquer as one of those four civilizations in one of the new themed campaigns that's been created to highlight historical, if a bit imprecise, events. There is no word on price as of yet.

  • 4 new civilizations
  • 4 new campaigns
  • Improved AI
  • 10 new Special Maps
  • 8 new Real World Maps
  • 5 new Random Maps
  • 10 new terrains
  • Sudden Death mode
  • New generic units & technologies
  • Countless balance adjustments. (Changelog coming soon)
  • Many new scenario editor objects.

This expansion is the second proper expansion for Age of Empires 2 in 16 years, bringing all new content to a game that many had thought lost to the sands of time even if it had been revived via Steam. Forgotten Empires taking up the official status of developer and maintainer shows that sometimes that classic designs can be beloved regardless of graphics, because the gameplay continues to be compelling even after this long. And we here agree, because Age of Empires 2 HD was one of the most fun retro reviews we've had the pleasure of doing.