AER Lets You Explore an Ancient and Mythical Civilization From Above


Forgotten Key and Daedalic Entertainment have teased their upcoming exploration title, AER, with it's beautiful stylized visuals and refreshingly divergent gameplay. Sometimes there comes along a game that breaks the mold in a delightfully exciting way.

Explore the world with a birds-eye view in AER, a 3D exploration game.

AER takes a lighter approach to gaming, letting you instead explore the world from a more avian perspective. It eschews the typical violent nature of many games for a more inquisitive approach. You fly around potentially suspenseful areas, discovering the world around you.

The above trailer is done entirely with the in-game engine. The transition between the main character and a bird is very well done. Certainly, it's stylized and not to everyone's tastes, but the graphics are magnificent for what they accomplish and are trying to portray, if certainly a bit artistic in nature.

In AER, you take on the role of Auk, a girl that's able to transform herself into a bird so to fly around and explore an ancient world of floating islands with ruins from a forgotten civilization. Encounter gods and even their guardians as you move further into the world below.

This charming aerial surprise will be available in 2016 on the PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and the Xbox One.