A Light in Chorus Amazingly Beautiful First Person Puzzle-Exploration Game

A Light in Chorus is quite simply dreamingly beautiful with a unique visual imagery unlike any other. Being developed by the newly announced studio, Broken Fence Games, A Light in Chorus is a puzzle-exploration game set in a world made entirely of particles. It’s designed to be a meditative and sensorially rich environment where players must make choices about how they bring to life a set of ghostly, overlapping worlds (and stories) by collaging lights, spaces and sounds. The studio is using their own engine.


A Light In Chorus has just started its Steam Greenlight campaign and Broken Fence Games have released the first trailer, which can be viewed below.

A Light In Chorus is a first person puzzle-exploration game where you collage space, sound and light together to bring a series of ghostly and disjointed spaces back to life.

Solidify and evaporate space to form new paths through a series of overlapped worlds.
Redefine your environment and uncover the secret lives of restless animals as they slowly materialise around you.

A Light In Chorus is a highly atmospheric game being developed for Windows (with Mac support on the way) using a custom engine.

"..beautiful, and profoundly eerie..."- EDGE magazine

"...some of the most striking imagery the medium has seen..."- Eurogamer

"...like walking through a sculpture park made from fireflies..." - Rock Paper Shotgun

"...you should really be seeing it..it’s truly like nothing I’ve experienced before"- The Sixth Axis

Official Selection at:

BAFTA Inside Games Arcade 2015
EGX Leftfield 2014
GDC Innovative Games Showcase 2014
Radius Festival 2014

You can show you support for A Light In Chorus by following @alightinchorus
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You can visit at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles...

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