Advanced Face ID on iPhone 13 Could Allow Unlocking Over Masks and Foggy Glasses

Ali Salman
iPhone 13 Face ID

The iPhone 13's launch date is nearing in and details regarding the devices keep pouring in. According to the latest, Apple is working on new Face ID components for the iPhone 13 which will allow users to unlock their iPhones even if they are wearing a mask or foggy glasses. Apple will announce four iPhone models sometime in September alongside the Apple Watch Series 7 and iPad mini 6. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple Testing Advanced Face ID Hardware to Unlock iPhone 13 Through Masks and Foggy Glasses

The details were shared by Jon Prosser on his website FrontPageTech suggesting that Apple is working on advanced Face ID hardware using a case that perfectly fits the iPhone 12. The tests are being done on the iPhone 12 to avoid leaking the upcoming iPhone 13 models. The case basically allows the iPhone 12 to bypass its built-in Face ID and instead use the one on the case.

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iPhone 13 Face ID

The leaker believes that the array of Face ID sensors on the case matches the CAD renders of the iPhone 13. This makes perfect sense since we are expecting Apple to ship the iPhone 13 series with a smaller notch compared to the current models. As mentioned earlier, the case is designed in a way that allows for mass data gathering without leaking the iPhone 13. The new Face ID's advanced hardware will allow the iPhone 13 to unlock the device even if a user is wearing a mask or have foggy glasses.

iPhone 13 Face ID

While the array of sensors does depict that it will be part of a smaller notch, we are not sure if the technology is being readied for the iPhone 13 series. Possibly, Apple could use the new Face ID hardware in the future versions of the iPhone. Prosser states that the tests were conducted recently, so if the technology does not come with the iPhone 13 series, it will be available in the future.

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