Adobe Photoshop Camera With AI-Based Filters Launched for iPhone and Android


Adobe has launched a new Photoshop Camera app which comes equipped with various lens and filters powered by artificial intelligence. The app is available for free for iPhone and Android.

Photoshop Camera app uses Adobe Sensei, the same artificial intelligence platform that powers Adobe apps on desktop. If you are wondering why an app that captures photos for social media, needs artificial intelligence, here is why:

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Photoshop Camera is packed with amazing AI-powered features that help you create gorgeous selfies, food and scenery shots, and more. Quick fixes like portrait relighting and distortion removal mean you can post images that look like you spent way more time on them than you did.

The app has simple interface, with a list of filters and lens at the bottom that you can swipe through and use. The app uses AI to quickly apply the filters before or after you capture a photo. Some of the effects are really artistic and even change your entire background. The list of filters includes: Portrait, Studio Light, Bloom, Pop Art, Spectrum, Desync, Food, Scenery, Natural Skies, Analog, Night Shift, Comic Skies, Interstellar, Dreamcatcher, Celestial, Supersize, Double Expo, Prism, Color Echo, Mixed Media, Blue Skies, Artful and many more.

If the default lens are not enough, there is a Lens Library, which lets you download more of them, allowing you to get really creative with your photos.

There is even a Billie Eilish collection, which has lens and filters inspired by her music videos. Adobe has promised to add new filters created by artists and influencers on a regular basis.

The app is smart enough to provide content-aware recommendations. It can automatically adjust tone, dynamic range, and more, on the fly. Portrait controls allow users to adjust Bokeh, Face Distance, Face Light, Face Relighting. The app also recognizes scenes when a group selfie is captures, and applies adjustments accordingly for the best results.

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Once a photo is captured using Photoshop Camera, you can modify it using editing tools like shadows, highlights, clarity and more. You can even reapply other lens and filters to a photo. Afterwards, it can be quickly shared to Facebook, Instagram or just saved to your photo library.

The app is available for free for iPhone and Android so give it a try. An optional $1.99 subscription will get you 20GB Creative Cloud Storage.

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