Activision Blizzard has Fired Several Employees Over Workplace Misconduct


Activision Blizzard looks like it won’t be staying out of the news as we pass the first half of January 2022, it seems like. For those that aren’t aware, throughout a rather sizable chunk of last year, Activision Blizzard was essentially put through the wringer by news outlets and employees alike for sexual misconduct allegations, pay disparities, laying off employees despite “record years” and CEO Bobby Kotick essentially letting everything happen through inaction.

However, with today’s update, things have a bit more of a positive turnout. As a report from Wall Street Journal earlier today states, Activision Blizzard has fired or pushed out 37 employees since July 2021 as part of the company's investigation into complaints of sexual harassment and other workplace misconduct, while 44 more have faced other forms of discipline.

Activision Blizzard Found to Have Illegally Threatened Staff According to US Labor Law Prosecutors

While this is definitely a start of improvement, however, an Activision Blizzard representative claims that comments from employees included statements made on social media and covered a range of concerns, only "a small number" of which were potentially serious allegations (WSJ had stated that close to 700 complaints were sent in previously).

Since July 2021, multiple walkouts, firings, and other drama have ensued at Activision Blizzard since these stories came to light. CEO Bobby Kotick isn’t exactly exempt from them either, as a report alleges that Kotick was aware of sexual misconduct allegations at the company for years, had in fact harassed one of his own assistants, and even threatened to have her killed in 2006.

Calls for his removal were going strong at the end of the year from various ends, but he still remains as CEO for now. Whether he gets removed or steps down willingly is up to chance, however, it’s doubtful, seeing as how he has the support of the Board of Directors at Activision Blizzard.

We’ll continue to update the Activision Blizzard story as more information releases.