Act Surprised: Amazon’s Wi-Fi Smart Plug is Still $0.99

Uzair Ghani
Amazon’s Wi-Fi smart plug available for just 99 cents

You read that absolutely right. Amazon is still selling its own Wi-Fi smart plug for a low price of $0.99.

Amazon is Still Selling its Wi-Fi and Alexa Compatible Smart Plug for Just 99 Cents

We’re certain at this point that Amazon wants to get this smart plug into the hands of every single person on earth by simply dropping the price down to just 99 cents. And if you thought this deal was no longer live, then you will be super pleased to learn that it still is, and all you have to do is enter the special discount code PLUG at checkout. Sounds super easy, right?

Buy Amazon Smart Plug, for home automation - Was $24.99, now just $0.99 using special discount code PLUG at checkout

Like all great smart plugs, this one connects straight to your Wi-Fi network. Once properly set up, you turn it on or off straight from your smartphone or tablet. And thanks to its solid tie-in with Alexa, you can just use your voice to control everything that is connected to this smart plug. Just make sure you have an Echo speaker or the Alexa app installed in order to do this.

There are tons of great deals out there, but this one lives in a league of its own. A smart plug for $0.99 in a time when everything is running sky high in terms of price is a bargain you can’t miss!

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