Acer Rolls Out TGP Upgrades For Its Lineup of RTX 3000 Series Based Laptops


Acer is rolling out TGP updates on several of the GeForce RTX 3000 series gaming laptops. TGP stands for "total graphics power", which allows a specified amount of power that the device's graphics commands from the CPU, creating the bus image specified by those commands, and formulates the finalized output to the device's graphics hardware. This number is utilized by NVIDIA's Dynamic Boost and AMD's Smart Shift graphics technology.

The newest Acer firmware update increases the amount of total graphics power for up to 35 of their GeForce RTX 3000 gaming laptops, such as Helios 300 series, Triton 300 and 300 SE series, and Nitro 5 series of gaming laptops. The power increase from the total graphics power of the graphics processing unit appears to be between a minimum of five to a maximum of thirty watts.

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Source: Acer

Our claim to gaming hardware is to offer a balance between the best possible CPU and GPU performance, volume and durability. Accordingly, we are pleased to be able to offer both interested buyers and many of our existing customers improved graphics performance with the BIOS update.

-Marcel Behm, Senior Business Manager of Acer Germany

Alex Casas, Hardware Reporter here at Wccftech mentions in this story about NVIDIA requiring laptop manufacturers to list full specifications including information about the clock and total graphics power. By manufacturers having to be open about this information, it assists consumers when choosing the right gaming laptop that will suit their needs.

Acer has yet to divulge any information on any increases in temperature of both the central processing unit or the graphics processing unit for the affected laptops mentioned. Gaming laptop consumers who are interested in updating the total graphics power of their Acer laptop can find more information as well as the update on Acer's website. The first Acer GeForce RTX series to release the update is the Acer Helios 300 PH315-54 model.

Jan-Frederik Timm (@jftimm_ on Twitter) of ComputerBase compiled a list of the Acer GeForce RTX 3000 series gaming laptops to be affected by the newest firmware update in the near future. Here is the information recreated in the list below.

Acer Helios 300
PH317-53RTX 30601001055BIOS/FW
RTX 30701001055BIOS/FW
RTX 30801051055BIOS/FW
PH315-54RTX 307010011010BIOS/FW
PH317-55RTX 3050 Ti809515ex works
RTX 306010013030ex works
RTX 30701351405ex works
Triton 300
PT315-53RTX 3050 Ti758510ex works
RTX 30609510510ex works
RTX 30709511015ex works
RTX 30809511015ex works
Triton 300 SE
PT314-51sRTX 3050 Ti758510BIOS/FW
RTX 3060759015BIOS/FW
Nitro 5
AN515-45RTX 3060859510BIOS/FW
RTX 30708510015BIOS/FW
RTX 30808510015BIOS/FW
AN515-55RTX 305070755ex works
RTX 3050 Ti70755ex works
RTX 306085955BIOS/FW
AN515-56RTX 305070755BIOS/FW
AN515-57RTX 305070755ex works
RTX 3050 Ti70755ex works
RTX 3060859510ex works
RTX 30708510015ex works
AN517-41RTX 3060859510BIOS/FW
RTX 30708510015BIOS/FW
RTX 30808510015BIOS/FW
AN517-52RTX 305070755ex works
RTX 3050 Ti70755ex works
RTX 3060859510BIOS/FW
AN517-53RTX 305070755BIOS/FW
AN517-54RTX 305070755ex works
RTX 3050 Ti70755ex works
RTX 3060859510ex works
RTX 30708510015ex works

Source: ComputerBase, Acer

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