Acer HA230 Abi 23″ Monitor Is Currently Priced at $89.99

Evan Federowicz
Source: Acer

Acer's HA230 Abi 23" monitor, which usually costs $139.99, is currently priced at $89.99, and this deal takes $50 off the price. This monitor offers a wide range of features like a 1080p resolution, a 75 Hz refresh rate, AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology, and many more. This wide range of features for the lowered price tag makes this deal fantastic. This deal is slated to end on Monday (Feb 17th, 2020), which gives you more than ample time to take advantage of this fantastic deal.

Acer HA230 Abi Is Currently $50 off & Can Be Bought For Just $90 US

Acer's HA230 Monitor features a 75 Hz refresh rate, making the monitor smoother and is an excellent entry-level for monitors. Along with that 75 Hz refresh rate, this monitor features support for AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology, which keeps your screen looking fantastic by stopping any screen-tearing or stuttering.

Source: Acer

This screen makes use of IPS technology, which supports a large number of viewing angles, and the wide viewing angles allow you to share the images with those around you. Since this monitor makes use of the IPS technology, this allows the screen to display consistent, accurate color from all viewing angles. This technology also offers clear images and stable response times, and this monitor features a responsive time of 4 ms GTG.

The design of this monitor is Elegant, featuring a slimmer design, which not only looks great, but this monitor also gives more space to its screen. This monitors design has a thinner display, but the back of the monitor has a bottom is larger, which keeps the monitor's design looking elegant. The larger section of the monitor has the HDMI and D-Sub ports placed there. The stand also features a tilt angle of -5 to +15 degrees.

This deal takes $50 off the initial price of $139.99, which brings this monitor's price down to $89.99. This lowered price tag makes this monitor an even better deal when compared to other 23-inch monitors. This 1080p 23-inch monitor features not only wider viewing angles, but also, this monitor features a faster than standard 60 Hz monitors. This monitor features a 75 Hz refresh rate, which allows for a clearer display and with support for AMD FreeSync technology stops any screen tearing or stuttering.

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