Abkoncore Announced The AL1000 SYNC, A Full Tower PC Case!


Abkoncore has announced the AL1000 SYNC PC case that is a full tower that has an open design allowing for significantly more airflow when compared to standard cases. This case features broad compatibility featuring support for up to an E-ATX motherboard, a tempered glass side panel as well as a steel and mesh design. This PC case measures 365 x 510 x 548 mm (length x width x height), which means that this PC case is very large, and the weight is 12.3 kg.

The AL1000 SYNC PC case features support for an E-ATX, as well as a large graphics card and larger power supply! Making this case perfect for high-end systems

The AL1000 SYNC PC case has a lot of cooling potential; the front of this case features support for up to two 200 mm case fans. The rear case also features support for up to two 200 mm case fans, the top of this case features support for three 120 mm fans. The side panel of this case has three separate mounting locations for 120 mm case fans. The AL1000 SYNC PC case has four 200 mm Spectrum fans, which allow for fantastic airflow inside this case.

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The AL1000 SYNC PC case features a large amount of support for storage, and this includes two 3.5" HDD drives, and up to ten 2.5" SSD drives. This large amount of storage makes this PC case perfect for higher-end workstations as the users will have to worry far less about storage capacity and speed with the SSDs.

For wide range compatibility, this case can support a CPU cooler with a max height of 235 mm and a GPU length of up to 420 mm. This case can support up to an E-ATX motherboard allowing for a large number of expansions slots to take advantage of the seven expansion slots located on the back of this case. The power supply installed in this case can have a length of up to 350 mm. These large components also show how this case is perfect for high-end workstations or high-end gaming systems.

The front IO of this case features two USB 3.0 ports, one USB Type-C ports, and HD Audio port, and a Microphone LED. This allows for easy access to both USB and microphones/headsets.

Abkoncore has not revealed availability or pricing for this case but has stated it will come in "Red Wine" or "Gray" color options.