A Space Force Soldier Skipped Out on Training to Buy a PS5


When it comes to snagging a PlayStation 5, some folks took the task pretty seriously this year. One United States Space Force soldier decided that they needed one of Sony's latest consoles so badly that it was worth skipping out on drills just to make sure they were able to get one.

The Space Force member ended up being unfashionably late to a fitness session as he had been looking around nearby Target stores for a PlayStation 5. The former Airman 1st Class was demoted as part of disciplinary actions that came as a result of his frantic PlayStation 5 search, after his superior contacted him and told him he needed to attend class. His initial response? "Yolo, PS5 > letters of discipline."

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"You were late to work and insinuated to your supervisor that buying a PlayStation was more important to you than the disciplinary consequences of your actions," his disciplinary letter stated, according to Task and Purpose. "Your actions are an extreme deviation from the professionalism expected of you as a member of the armed forces."

It isn't clear whether or not the Space Force member was able to actually get their hands on a PlayStation 5, but if it ended up getting him a demotion, one hopes he at least came close to procuring one, because why waste hard work and respect at your job for the chance to purchase a console that will undoubtedly be available at a later date?

Here's hoping anyone else looking to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 takes other consequences into consideration in the future when looking for the system, like not potentially putting their job in jeopardy.