94% Off MongoDB Data Master Bootcamp: Master This Versatile NoSQL Database

Rafia Shaikh

One of the most popular choices for NoSQL database solutions, you can now start learning MongoDB at a massive 94% discount. Offering a faster and intuitive way of storing and handling your data, MongoDB allows you to easily handle data. Master this versatile, NoSQL database with over 7 courses and 40+ hours of training, for just $39.

Ready to be part of this MongoDB Data Master Bootcamp? Head over to Wccftech Deals or keep reading to find more details about the courses.

mongodb data master

MongoDB Data Master Bootcamp

MongoDB has quickly become one of the most popular NoSQL database solutions available, and will quickly enhance your ability to handle data with ease. With a document-based approach, MongoDB lets professionals model data however they prefer. Following are the courses that are part of this Data Master Bootcamp. For more details, please visit the deal page.

1-  Learn to Build 10 Projects - $199 Value

While MySQL limits modeling to rows and columns, MongoDB is much more flexible, allowing developers to use a familiar programming language like Ruby, and a JSON format. What does this mean? Faster and more intuitive storage of data.

2- Comprehensive Course on Data Modeling - $99 Value

This course goes from the complete basics and moves upwards, exploring intricate details and explaining advanced level concepts.

3- Learn MongoDB from Scratch: The Leading NoSQL Database - $99 Value

This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and hands-on skills to become a successful database expert. Start with the basics, and then continue on to advanced concepts for building MongoDB-based applications. You’ll finish with expert knowledge of MongoDB concepts, the installation process, and creating databases, Collections, CRUD operations, and Indexing.

4- Learn Database Design from Scratch - $99 Value

Join the NoSQL movement and learn to create large scale data-oriented web solutions with this amazing course. You’ll quickly learn tips, tricks, and the motivation behind NoSQL database systems with this expert-taught course. Understand why the control of data is at times more important than availability, and the best cases for NoSQL implementation—real time web applications dealing with massive amounts of data.

5- MongoDB 3.2 Fundamentals for Developers - $75 Value

Thanks to advancements in technology, companies now deal with extremely large sets of data. But this can also prove problematic when it comes to actually managing and analyzing it. That’s where NoSQL database solutions come in. They’re extremely popular in today’s tech world, and helpful in managing huge volumes of data quickly and easily.

6- Mongoose: MongoDB Object-Document Mapper for NodeJS Apps - $47 Value

NodeJS (JavaScript on the server) is awesome, but some developers get confused about NoSQL when it comes to working in Node with MongoDB (NoSQL database). Do you need a better explanation of how to use Node.js with MongoDB? The most popular choice is the Mongoose library. This course will introduce you to the Mongoose library, and make sure you can make changes to the database layer without issue.

7- Node Program: From Zero to Hero with NodeJS & MongoDB - $47 Value

Interested in Node.js, but don’t know where to start or how to learn it properly? Confused about how the MEAN stack pieces of MongoDB, Expressjs, Angularjs, and Nodejs fit together? Or how it’s even possible to run JavaScript outside of the browser? This course delivers the best information in the simplest way to help you learn about these systems. Save time and frustration by learning best practices for building and deploying apps.

Original value: $665 | Wccftech Deals: $39 at a 94% discount

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