50 Core processor not a dream anymore

Rizwan Anwer

own an i7? and wonder "wow technology has come far" well you ain't seen nothing yet; Right under our nose's processor giant Intel showed images of it's 50 core beast. This beast is only 22nm in size and yet it accommodates a super computer processor.

Applications and games are only now (and very few of them) even utilize a full quad (4) core processor it will be 2020 or later before these processors are even available to the public consumer (a guy can dream can't he?). The potential of 50 cores is ENDLESS you can run over 200 processes in windows and hardly use up even half the cores.

It's a shame that these are still a distant dream even for those of us buying the i7 980X; i doubt Intel will sell these processors to the public currently but maybe in the future when we have flying cars and what not I'll be telling my grand children "in my day we had 4 core processors; and you kids don't even appreciate yer parents buying you 50 core processors" and my grand children will say "but grandpa Crysis 9 alone: return of Nomad uses 50 cores i need a core i99 to run all my games even World of Warcraft's 25th expansion pack: the lich kings retirement home"

Oh well I'll be waiting when these processors become retail. For now here is some nerd eye candy for you.



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