5 XBOX 360 games that will dominate E3 2010!.

As E3 2010, one of gaming's biggest yearly events draws closer and closer there are 5 games every XBOX 360 owner is DYING to hear about some of which have been in wait for a very very long time and now are finally making their public appearance

1. Gears of War 3: One of the best exclusives available on the XBOX 360 is finally coming to an end, the story of Delta squad will finally come to an end with the game promising 4 player co-op and even a chance to play with female soldiers! Let's see what Epic Games has in store for Gears fans across the globe.

2. Halo Reach: Another XBOX 360 exclusive that will steal the show, after the success of Halo ODST fans can't wait to see what Halo Reach will be like, the multiplayer BETA is projected to be launched before E3 but lets see what Microsoft has cooked up this time.

3. Fable 3: This game has taken a turn away from its predecessors this time you are the ruler of the people of Albion, the game has a whole new level of interaction where you can choose to be a good ruler or a bad ruler, you can punish your people or you can make their lives better, the choice is yours.

4. Crackdown 2: Just like Gears of War this game promises a 4 player co-op and a very promising team death match mode.

5. X-COM: After a long wait X-COM is finally coming to the XBOX 360 but this time it won't be a strategy game but in fact will be a first person shooter, the game is also headed for the PC and has been in a long wait to its loyal fans, lets see how 2K handles this game.

This years E3 is looking very promising, lets see what E3 will behold for PS3 fans and PC fans alike.


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