2.6GB PC Update for Battlefield Bad Company 2 Confirmed for Release Tomorrow, Fixes Stability and Performance Issues


A new update for DICE's FPS "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" has been confirmed by Mikael Kalms over at Battlefield Blog. The Update is exclusive to the PC and would address some  stability problems with the game and performance issues.

According to the post, The update would be a total of 2.6GB in size which is quite big, The reason? Update consists of all all previous patches rolled into one, DICE explains that while it was possible to make a smaller update, It would had taken a longer time so it was a better decision in releasing the mammoth sized update for now and a smaller update would be scheduled for later release sometime before Battlefield 3 release. Following is a list of fixes the update includes:

  • Removed some memory leaks
  • Fixed crashes when the game attempted to render lots of content (high detail, high FOV or multiple-monitor modes); this should particularly help multi-monitor users
  • Chat window no longer causes lag spikes
  • Chat window reworked opacity & visibility-time is controllable through settings in settings.ini
  • Clantag is remembered when using auto-login
  • Banner URLs can be up to 252 characters in length
  • SecuROM wrapper removed from non-Steam version
  • Minor performance enhancements
  • Reduced rubberbanding on servers with more than 24 active players
  • PrintScreen takes a screenshot, file stored in Documents\BFBC2\Screenshots directory
Steam users will automatically be updated as soon as they start their Steam client on Wednesday Morning at  at 4AM UTC while Non-Steam users can use the Auto Updater to start downloading the patch around the same time. For more info, Head over to Battlefield Blog at the Source.