24-Hour Deal Lets You Save $25 on the Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller, Pay Just $74.99 Today


The Razer Kishi mobile game controller for USB-C Android devices is currently available for a low price of just $74.99 allowing you to save $25 instantly.

Limited Time Deal Lets You Save $25 on the Razer Kishi for Android Phones with USB-C

If you ever want to take your mobile gaming experience to a whole new level then you have to bring in a hardware controller into the equation. There are tons to choose from and if you have an Android phone then nothing beats the greatness of the Razer Kishi.

Right now, the Kishi is available for a low price of $74.99, making it a super enticing buy for those who want to experience mobile gaming like how it is on a console.

Right off the bat, the Razer Kishi features all the necessary buttons and controls you would ever need, including two analog thumb sticks for precision control and movement.

Clickable analog thumb sticks for great accuracy and tactile feedback: refined your aim and execution with a familiar Console Controller experience, supported by an array of face and Bumper Buttons, as well as a d-pad for extra inputs.

If portability is ever an issue when it comes to carrying stuff around then you will be delighted to learn that the Kishi collapses into something so small that you can easily keep it in a pocket of your jeans or a bag.

There are no discount codes or coupons needed to get this deal. Just add it to your cart right and wait for it to arrive. And remember, this version is particularly made for Android devices. There is one for iPhone as well with a Lightning connector but it is not discounted today.

Buy Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller / Gamepad Designed for Xbox Android USB-C - Was $100, now just $74.99