2022 Will be Big for iPhone, x2 Growth Expected Compared to Android, According to IDC Data

Apple iPhone to see twice the growth compared to Android

The iPhone 13 is almost here and the data suggests that it is going to be a monstrous 2022 for Apple in terms of growth.

iPhone 13 and 5G Set to Propel Apple’s Market Share Forward Twice as Much as Android in 2022

Despite the pandemic, the iPhone 12 managed to sell 100 million units in a mere 6 months, a record which was previously held by the iPhone 6. We aren’t even talking about any other iPhone, just the iPhone 12. That’s madness.

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But according to latest IDC data, the iPhone 13 is set to propel Apple’s smartphone market share to new heights. Compared to Android, which is forecasted to see a growth of 6.2% over this year, the iPhone is set to jump forward with a double digit growth of 13.8%.

The 7.4% growth can be attributed to a healthy 13.8% growth from iOS devices combined with 6.2% growth from Android. Although COVID-19 drastically impacted 2020 shipments, 2021 shipments have managed to display minimal growth compared to 2019 (pre-pandemic) volumes, giving us a more accurate view of the state of the market. The world’s largest markets – China, the United States, and Western Europe – will still be down from 2019, but growing markets such as India, Japan, the Middle East, and Africa are fueling the recovery.

Apart from Apple’s right strategy when it comes to iPhone, 5G is also a key player in boosting that market share further:

5G shipments continue to be a primary driver of 2021 growth as both vendors and channels focus on 5G devices that carry a significantly higher average selling price (ASP) than older 4G devices. The ASP of a 5G smartphone will reach $634 in 2021, which is flat from $632 in 2020. However, 4G devices continue to witness a massive price decline as the ASP drops to $206, representing a nearly 30% decline from last year ($277). As a result, the total 5G shipment volume will grow to 570 million units, up 123.4% from last year.

Keep in mind that these are projected numbers based on currently available data. Things can change drastically and slight variations can occur. But given the current data, things are looking good for Apple.

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