Best iPhone SE 2022 Protective Cases Available Right Now [List]

Uzair Ghani
Best protective cases for iPhone SE 3 2022 model

This is a list of the best protective cases available right now for Apple's latest iPhone SE 2022 smartphone with A15 Bionic chip.

Protect Your iPhone SE 3 2022 Model with These Wonderful Cases Available to Buy Right Now

With the announcement of iPhone SE 3, Apple has proven yet again that you don't have to spend top dollar in order to get a smartphone with flagship performance. You're absolutely fine with spending $429 as it gets you the same chip which is inside the iPhone 13.

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And if you've decided that you need a brand new iPhone SE in your life while also hoping to keep it for a few years to come, then you definitely need a protective case for it. We have a handful of options that don't stand out like a sore thumb, while ensuring ultimate protection no matter where you are with your smartphone.

Spigen Liquid Armor

The Liquid Armor is one of those cases which you put around your smartphone and just forget about it for a few months. It perfectly wraps around your iPhone SE, features a soft-touch rubber texture, it's anti-slip, offers military grade protection and so much more.

Buy Spigen Liquid Armor - $14.99

ESR Metal Kickstand Case

Looking for a clear case with a kickstand? ESR has the right case for you then. It features a kickstand that's patented and works in both landscape and portrait positions. And the clear case offers superior drop protection thanks to its 'Air-Guard' corners and raised edges around the screen and camera.

Buy ESR Metal Kickstand Case - $14.99

Cordking Slim Case

If you don't like cases that are over-designed, then this option from Cordking is what you need. It's essentially an ultra-slim silicone case with microfiber lining inside. It offers great drop protection and a soft touch feel while you're using the smartphone. It is available in a wide variety of colors.

Buy Cordking Slim Case - $16.98


Ready to take your smartphone to new extremes? Then make sure you have this case around it from OtterBox. It's a two-piece case, when put together offers protection so solid that you wouldn't care where your phone falls from your pocket. Keep in mind that this will add extra bulk to your smartphone.


Spigen Slim Armor CS

The Slim Armor CS is not just a high-end protective case. It also features a small enclosure in the back for keeping a credit card, an ID, or maybe your favorite rewards card. When it comes to protection, the Slim Armor CS handles bumps and dents like it's no big deal at all.

Buy Spigen Slim Armor CS - $34.99

Temdan Case with Screen Protector

Not only you get great protection with the Temdan case for your iPhone SE, but the company will also throw in a screen protector in the box, bringing true 360-degree protection when you need it the most. If you're looking for something that offers insane value for money, then you can't go wrong here at all.

Buy Temdan Case with Screen Protector - $15.99

TORRAS Shockproof Case

A case doesn't have to be mega bulky in order to protect your phone. If you're about the slim and minimal lifestyle, then this case from TORRAS is something you should look into. It's slim, offers decent enough protection, has a solid rating from buyers and comes in great finishes as well.

Buy TORRAS Shockproof Case - $32

Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case

Right off the bat, this case is expensive, and we know it. But, that price brings you extreme quality and amazing protection. This case is even waterproof. You can keep your phone submerged under 2 meters of water for an hour. That is simply wild!

Buy Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case - $89.99

Apple Silicone Case

Apple officially sells a case for the iPhone SE as well. It's high quality, fits like a glove and the interior microfiber lining ensures that the phone is well protected from the inside as it is on the outside. And oh, it comes with an Apple logo, too.

Buy Apple Silicone Case - $35

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