Roborock’s Smart Sweep-n-Mops See a Massive 42% Price Drop

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These past few days, we have shared several deals and discounts on robot vacuum cleaners, ranging from budget options costing around $200 to revolutionary tech costing over $900. If you missed out on these offers, now is your chance to grab the perfect cleaning partner for yourself, your office, or a loved one, at a budget.

Roborock is an industry leader when it comes to automated cleaning. Unlike other companies, Roborock makes sure even the most budget solutions last for several years with perfect cleaning. The company also maintains older models through app updates, ensuring you keep getting the most latest features.

Looking for some holiday gifts? Check out these reliable and zero-fuss robot vacuum cleaners that will make for a thoughtful gift in this era of constant lockdowns.

roborock smart vacuum cleaner deal 2021 cyber monday 2021

Don't want fancy-schmancy robovacs? Look into Roborock S4 Max smart vacuum ($279.99)

If you need just a vacuum-only option, Roborock S4 Max will be your best pick. S4 Max brings Roborock’s acclaimed robotic intelligence to a robovac dedicated exclusively to vacuuming. Designed with advanced features including automatic recognition of up to 4 maps makes S4 Max perfect for all kinds of spaces like multi-level homes.

Roborock's classic features like no-go zones, invisible walls, and automatic room recognition are of course part of this vacuum too. You can schedule cleaning sessions and do much more using the accompanying app.

S4 Max smart vacuum comes with a big and easily detachable 460ml dustbin, which means you don’t have to empty the bin after every clean. It also comes with a washable HEPA-Type E11 filter that captures 95% of particles including pet dander and mold.

Head over to Amazon to get Roborock S4 Max for just $279.99, which is a price drop of $150 (34% off).

s4 max smart home cleaner cyber monday 2021
roborock s4 max vacuum cleaner
s4 max smart vacuum cleaner
roborock s4 max
roborock s4 max cyber monday 2021

Need a mopping feature too, but on a budget? E4 Mop will be your friend (42% OFF!)

If you need a 2-in-1 cleaner that can do both vacuuming and mopping jobs but don't want to spend over $400, look into Roborock E4 Mop. Roborock's E4 Mop is also getting the biggest Cyber Monday offer with a massive 42% discount.

E4 Mop brings you 2000Pa of power suction with minimum noise and a super-slim 3.55in design that makes it small enough to reach under beds, sofas, and other hidden areas where dirt likes to hide. Some of the top features of Roborock E4 Mop include:

  • Optimized edge cleaning: E4 Mop cleans the interiors of any space first, then finishes by running close to each wall. As it does, the side brush accelerates for a deeper clean.
  • Dual gyroscopes.
  • Harsh on hair with its anti-tangle main brush, side brush, and omnidirectional front wheel.
  • 2cm (0.8in) climbing ability.
  • Washable filter: The integrated washable HEPA-Type filter blocks dander and pollen.
  • Anti-entrapment systems: As it records every movement, E4 Mop can escape from tricky locations.

Head over to Amazon to get Roborock E4 Mop for just $219.99, which is a discount of 42% on the retail price of $379.99.

Roborock E4

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