New 2020 iMac and iMac mini Models Might Be Arriving Soon, Implies Reliable Tipster


It looks like new 2020 iMac and iMac mini might be arriving soon. This was revealed thanks to a tweet published by CoinX, a reliable tipster who has had a pristine track record for Apple products so far. What kind of hardware additions or changes can we expect from the latest models? Let us find out.

Will Apple Finally Switch to AMD Processors This Year With the 2020 iMac and iMac mini Launch?

The last time Apple refreshed its regular iMac lineup was back in March 2019. The previous models featured Intel’s 8th and 9th-generation chips coupled with AMD’s Radeon Pro Vega graphics options. Also, the last time Apple unveiled the iMac mini was back in 2018, so it looks like an update is long overdue. So what exactly can we expect from the upcoming refresh? Well, previously, Apple only had Intel to turn to, but it looks like a partnership for AMD’s desktop processors might become a possibility.

Apple Has Already Started Working on iMac With an M3 Chip, Could Launch Next Year

In a previously leaked code snippet, it was revealed that Apple was testing Macs with AMD processors, but this still isn’t concrete info that the technology giant will make a switch to these, though it’s a proper alternative now thanks to the Ryzen 3000 series. There’s also a rumor that Apple is working on a gaming Mac, implying that the use of an AMD CPU might be a possibility here as well.

CoinX didn’t mention the iMac Pro being refreshed and looking at the powerful Mac Pro, we’re not surprised. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo did state that the company will introduce an updated version later this year. With that being said, there are lots of products to look forward to from the company and we sincerely hope that AMD processors become a part of the lineup.

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News Source: Twitter (CoinX)