12.1% of All Android Devices Run Oreo, According to July 2018 Android Platform Update

Anil Ganti

It is no secret that a good chunk of Android devices don't run the latest version of the operating system. Android can't hold a candle to iOS when it comes to software distribution, as is evident by the number of devices running the latest version of iOS. The issue lies in part with manufacturers not rolling out timely updates to their devices. Even industry leaders such as Samsung have been known to met out step-motherly treatment to their flagship devices. However, things are looking slightly better for Google. According to the July 2018 distribution dashboard, 12.1 per cent of all Android devices run Oreo, which is more than double last time's measly 5.7 per cent.

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It is noteworthy that most devices that do run Oreo are still on Oreo 8.0. One would expect Oreo's predecessor Nougat to be on most devices, but it looks like Marshmallow beat it by a small margin. Most of the devices running Nougat/Marshmallow are likely low-cost solutions developed for emerging markets. It's surprising that a nearly thirty per cent of all devices still run Lollipop/KitKat, despite both the operating systems being years old. Those numbers will very likely stay the same, as Android P is around the corner and everyone will scramble to roll that out for their users.

In the past few years, we've seen countless players emerge across several regions that offer low-cost devices. Although it does help in getting more people online, it doesn't help in making the numbers look for Google. Very often, the companies operate on a shoestring budget and are unable to roll out timely updates for their devices. Security patches are delayed by months and a lot of the phones never see a single major software update. Programs such as Android Go and Android One might help bridge the gap, but Android still has a very long way to go before it can get even remotely close to iOS.



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