The Witcher 3 Sales Split Is 30% PC, 70% Console So Far

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We know that The Witcher 3 sold six million copies in the first six weeks since launch, but what about the finer details?

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A few days ago, a representative of CD Projekt RED provided more information regarding The Witcher 3 sales on the official corporate forums. As of the end of June, about 30% of the sales were on PC and the rest on consoles; also, 75% of the sales happened via retail and 25% via digital stores.

However, digital copies amounted to 50% of the revenue, which is easily explained with the higher royalties that come with retail sales. Moreover, 80% of the marketing costs were covered by distributors like Warner Bros and Bandai Namco; also, revenue for the first semester doesn’t include pre-order or season pass for the upcoming DLC.

A recent rumor mentioned that CD Projekt RED was in talks with Electronic Arts for a buyout or acquisition, but the company’s CEO quickly dismissed this notion. From the looks of it, they don’t really need such things and that’s a relief, as the studio proved that independent developers can still produce amazing AAA games.

The first DLC included with the season pass, The Witcher 3:  Hearts of Stone, will release on October 13 for all platforms. It should add over 10 hours of content with new quests, characters and even a unique romance for Geralt; the second DLC, titled Blood and Wine, is slated for Q1 2016 and should be even bigger.

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