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CD Projekt RED Not in Talks to be Bought by EA, Rumor Debunked


There was a strange rumor going around yesterday that alleged that CD Projekt RED was going to be purchased by EA. That rumor, however, has been summarily disproven by CD Projekt RED themselves.

No, CD Projekt RED isn't being purchased by EA. You've heard wrong.

And even more substantial is that Adam Kicinski commented on the official forums with an almost official statement, one that completely disagrees with the email that several email outlets, including us, have received. The translation below is graciously provided by Google Translate.

I usually do not comment on rumors, but the sales of our studies has come full circle too big and time to deny it. On behalf of the entire board and declare: No, we do not run talks on the sale of CD Projekt RED or Goga. And by the way, a document confirming the credibility of the source is not true ...

-Adam Kicinski

We received the same email as many other outlets, but attempted to verify the information before actually posting anything, because the source seemed less than legitimate, no further contact was able to be made. The information, however, is incorrect indeed.

The rumor started with an email containing what appeared to be a pay stub from an employee from CD Projekt RED. In the email, the anonymous employee wanted to inform as many people as they could that EA might be buying them out, as he claimed that representatives from EA were there for a visit.

But no, EA isn't going to be buying them.