Samsung Refreshes Series 7 Gamer Notebook With Faster GPU & 3D Display

Sabeeh Qureshi
Aug 14, 2012
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Samsung has breathed more life into its first ever gaming laptop launched recently with the specs beefed up for your gaming pleasure.

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The Series 7 Gamer had been pending an overhaul for long. And as Samsung’s own blog, Samsung Tomorrow has confirmed the update will list the dedicated gaming laptop here on as the Series 7 Gamer Yellow 3D.

The new notebook will ship with an AMD Radeon HD7870M GPU, a 14.3 inch SuperBright (400 nit whatever that means) 3D LED display. Storage wise, you can boot off 128 GB SSD while keeping all your data on an additional 1TB SSD.

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Availability worldwide hasn’t been speculated yet although South Koreans can purchase the beast from their nearby Samsung retailer for 2.99 million Won, equivilant to $2,643 US Dollars.

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