NVIDIA and Gearbox to Announce Something Special at PDXLAN 2012

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Feb 13, 2012
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Nvidia and Gearbox are preparing to announce something special at the 19th PDXLAN Event. The event starts from Feb 17- Feb 20 which would be held at the Portland Airport, USA.

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NVIDIA and Gearbox are bringing something really special to PDXLAN 19.

Attendees are in for an exclusive treat that will blow your mind!!

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At 2010’s PDXLAN, Nvidia presented a demonstration of its GF-110based ¬†GeForce GTX580 detailing key features and a new Tech Demo. During this years event, We could probably see the Kepler 28nm chips running or a backstage demonstration for selected¬†attendees. Kepler would also be Nvidia’s first 28nm GPU which would go against the AMD HD7000 Series launched last month.

The demonstration could probably be done on a new title/engine developed by Gearbox which is currently not revealed, It could be a new Duke Nukem title with DX11 visuals and tessellated textures (Just kidding :p).

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