MSI and HIS Radeon HD7970 Stock Spotted, Benchmarked in 3-Way CrossFireX Mode

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Dec 31, 2011
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A Complete Stock of MSI and HIS branded Radeon HD7970’s has been spotted over at British retailer along with benchmarks of the Graphic Card tested in CrossFireX mode.

British Retailer got its stock of Radeon HD7970’s from atleast two retailers – MSI and HIS, Both Stock includes Stock Reference Cards and the retailer posted screenshots of the pile o boxes which it has acquired and also decided to pop up some cards from the boxes and put them to test in CrossFireX mode.

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Previous hardware reviews consisted of the Stock AMD HD7970 and no Multi-GPU reviews since AMD only provided one sample of the card, However we would see bunch of CrossFireX results on 9th January 2012 when both HD7970 and HD7950 along with Non-Reference Variants finally launch. Till then enjoy the Unigine Heaven benchmarks posted by the site.

Looks like the retailer tested out the MSI HD7970 as seen from the third card’s fan sticker. The cards were tested on a Sandy Bridge-E setup which supports PCIe 3.0. Benchmark results below:

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Single HD7970 (1680×1050, 4xAA/4xAF, DX11, Tessellation Normal): AVG FPS 72.6 / Score: 1830

2-Way CrossfireX HD7970 (1680×1050, 4xAA/4xAF, DX11, Tessellation Normal): AVG FPS 139.1 / Score: 3504

3-Way CrossfireX HD7970 (1680×1050, 4xAA/4xAF, DX11, Tessellation Normal): AVG FPS 195.1 / Score: 4915

2560×1600 res benchmarks below:

3-Way CrossfireX HD7970 (2560×1600, 4xAA/4xAF, DX11, Tessellation Normal): AVG FPS 108.5/ Score: 2734

3-Way CrossfireX HD7970 (2560×1600, 8xAA/8xAF, DX11, Tessellation Extreme): AVG FPS 77.0/ Score: 1939


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