GTA V Free DLC ‘Ill-Gotten Gains’ DLC Now Available

Posted 1 year ago

GTA V and it’s online component are as healthy as ever, and the latest free update to GTA V, Ill-Gotten Gains, is now becoming available worldwide.


Want more and better loot in GTA V? Try out the newest free DLC, Ill-Gotten Gains for more vehicles, clothes, and a new weapon.

This update to GTA V is a way to help you spend all of that money you’ve accumulated doing online heist’s and other activities. There’s no sense in letting virtual currency waste away in a virtual bank is there? Might as well live a virtual life of virtual luxury.

Four high-end vehicles will make there way into the game, the Pegassi Csiris, Benefactor Stirling GT, Albany Virgo and the Enus Windsor. What better way to celebrate the purchase of a new car than by the getting some new digs? A plethora of new clothing options will make their way to Suburban as well.


And if you’re particularly well-off in game, you can acquire a gold plated personal jet or a gold plated helicopter. Why would you not want to sparkle and shine as you fly through the air? Plus, the jet is only $10,000,000.

To help celebrate the free DLC, Rockstar is hosting special events that offer double RP and double Cash prizes and even a chance to get a limited edition in-game t-shirt.

  • Double cash adversary modes event playlist
  • Double RP races on land, sea, and air, with six new vehicles
  • 25% discount on high-end apartments and garages
  • High-frequency crate drops with GTA$10k and exclusive t-shirts that are only available this weekend
  • #illgottengains1 GTA$1M Snapmatic contest
  • Social Club Sweepstakes
  • Event weekend live stream
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The update should be available now, and is free on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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