AMD’s 45W Richland A10-6700T Launches Next Week – Priced Around $150 US

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AMD is going to expand their Richland A-Series lineup next week with new 45W APUs including the A10-6700T and the A8-6500T. AMD’s Richland A-Series lineup which made its debut in early June this year originally included 100W and 65W parts, the new 45W APUs are a good addition for those who want to built low power budget friendly HTPC and media PCs.

AMD Richland A10-6700T

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AMD’s 45W Richland A10-6700T Launches Next Week

The “T” moniker represents low TDP variants and its not known whether the new APUs would feature an unlocked “K” design for overclocking.


The A10-6700T is a quad core part with a frequency of 2.5 GHz while Turbo Core speed remains unknown. It has 4MB of L2 Cache and an HD 8650D integrated graphics part that is clocked at 760 MHz featuring 384 shaders. The A10-6700T also features a GPU boost clock of 844 MHz.The specific model of the APU has the product code of “AD670TYHA44HL”. It is expected to launch next week at a price of around $150 US, it would obviously be lower than that.

On the other hand, we have the A8-6500T which although we don’t have confirmed report whether it would launch next week too but it also comes in a 45W TDP package. The A8-6500T is a quad core part with a frequency of 2.1 GHz while Turbo Core speed remains unknown. It has 4MB of L2 Cache and an HD 8550D integrated graphics part that is clocked at 720 MHz featuring 256 shaders. The specific model has the product code of “AD650TYHA44HL”.

Model A10-6700T A8-6500T
Base Clock (GHz) 2.5 GHz 2.1 GHz
Boost Clock (GHz) TBD TBD
L2 Cache 4 MB 4 MB
GPU Core Model HD 8650D (384 Stream processors) HD 8550D (256 Stream processors)
GPU/Boost Clock (MHz) 760 MHz/ 844 MHz 720 MHz
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