AMD Kaveri A10-7850K and A10-7700K Packaging Pictured – BIOS Update On FM2+ Boards Compulsory

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With just a few days left in launch, leaks regarding the AMD Kaveri A10-7850K and A10-7700K are pouring in from all corners of the internet. Japanese site Hermitage Akihabra has revealed the first pictures of the A10-7850 Box packaging which will be available on retail on Wednesday morning.AMD A10-7850K Box

Image is courtesy of GDM.OR.JP!

AMD Kaveri A10-7850K and A10-7700K Packaging Pictured

The A10-7850K and A10-7700K packaging features a new design theme with red and black color theme and a large A-Series ‘Black Edition’ APU picture on the front. The box comes with the following description along with the new feature set:

Introducing the AMD A10-7850K, AMD’s most advanced APU. So revolutionary, it challenges the very definition of a processor. With 12 Compute Cores (4 CPU + 8 GPU) featuring AMD Radeon R7 Graphics and exclusive features like AMD TrueAudio Technology for immersive audio, it can take on Battlefield 4 or just about anything else you throw at it.


Unlock your system’s full potential with revolutionary HSA architecture enabling the CPU and GPU to work in perfect harmony and blaze through compute tasks. Take processing performance and pure power efficiency to new extremes with hUMA, by enabling GPU’s full access to entire system memory and the CPU and GPU to seamlessly share data.


Get extreme performance with Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture, featuring supercharged
AMD Radeon R7 Graphics.3


AMD Mantle Technology raises your game to unprecedented levels with hyper-efficient performance.


Designed for breathtaking immersive audio, AMD TrueAudio Technology sets a new level of immersion.Hear your enemy’s every move and anticipate their next.


Connect up to 4 displays to see every angle of the battlefield with AMD Eyefinity Technology in its full glory.



AMD Radeon Memory enables top performance and maximum value for a boost in entertainment and gaming experiences.

AMD Kaveri Performance

The launch lineup will consist of two APUs, the A10-7850K and A10-7700K but the lineup would be expanded in the future with new SKUs. As for prices, the A10-7850K will retail at $172.99 US while the A10-7700K will retail for $151.99 US. AMD will bundle both products with a code of Battlefield 4 which is DICE’s biggest FPS shooter this year and will soon be updated with the new Mantle API patch which would bring faster performance to the gamers.

Several PC makers are already shipping systems with Kaveri APUs but the DIY enthusiasts have to wait for four more days to get their hands on AMD’s next accelerated processing units. Do note that a BIOS update on the FM2+ motherboards is compulsory to support Kaveri APUs. So make sure you update the FM2+ board while you have your Richland and Trinity APU running.

The detailed specifications for both APUs are listed below:

AMD A10-7850K

The A10-7850K as expected would be the flagship Kaveri APU of 2014 boasting 4 Steamroller cores, 4 MB L2 Cache and clock speeds of 3.7 GHz base and 4.0 GHz turbo. On the graphics side, the APU would feature 8 Compute Units resulting in 512 stream processors clocked at 654 MHz base and 720 MHz in boost. The APU is fully unlocked allowing users to overclock the chip past the limits and supports DDR3-2133 MHz and comes in a 95W TDP package. The A10-7850K would cost $173 US officially.

AMD A10-7700K

The A10-7700K is another unlocked chip featuring the Steamroller core architecture with a max boost clock of 3.8 GHz and base clock of 3.5 GHz. It features 4 MB of L2 cache while the GPU side ships with a GCN graphics die featuring 6 shader units equaling to a total of 384 Stream processors clocked at 720 MHz. The A10-7700K features a TDP of 95W so we may see one Kaveri APU part to feature 65W TDP. The A10-7700K would cost $152 US officially.AMD Kaveri Battlefield 4

ModelAMD A10-7850KAMD A10-7700KAMD A10-7800AMD A8-7600AMD A6-7400KAMD A4-7300
Unlocked DesignYesYesNoNoYesYes
Base Clock3.7 GHz3.4 GHz3.5 GHz3.1 GHzTBA3.4 GHz
Turbo Clock4.0 GHz3.8 GHz3.9 GHz3.8 GHzTBA3.8 GHz
HSA SupportYesYesYesYesYesYes
L2 Cache4 MB4 MB4 MB4 MB1 MB1 MB
Graphics CoreRadeon R7Radeon R7Radeon R7Radeon R7Radeon R5Radeon R5
Compute Units868643
GPU Cores512384512384256192
GPU Clock720 MHz720 MHz720 MHz720 MHzTBA514 MHz
Price $173 US$152 US$172 US$119 USTBATBA

AMD A10-7850K Specs

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