ZOTAC Unveils 26-Phase Powered Monstrosity, Z68 based “Crown Edition-ZT-Z68 U1DU3” Motherboard

Hassan Mujtaba

ZOTAC has revealed its upcoming motherboard which will be based on the Intel Z68 Chipset to allow support for Sandy Bridge (1155) processors. The board is powered by a 26-Phase VRM design which is the most any motherboard used after the ASUS P55 based motherboard which used 48 Phase VRM design.

The board "Crown Edition-ZT-Z68 U1DU3" is a EATX sized board with length and width dimensions of 330 × 305 mm. The motherboard is equipped with 4 large heatsinks covering the VRM power area, South/Northbridge. The heatsink are labeled with ZOTAC branding and are interconnected with heatpipes to transfer and dissipate heat effectively.

The 26-phase power supply (24 +1 +1) is powered by a eight-pin EPS power connector and a 24 pin connector along with 2 senior pins. The use of DRMOS and High Quality Solid State capacitors (SuperML high-density decoupling capacitors) would make overclocking a delight on this board. Four DDR3 memory slots allow for Dual channel memory support with frequencies upto 2133mhz.

A total of 4 PCI-e x16, 1 PCI-e x1 and a Single Conventional PCI slot is included on the board. The motherboard allows for both Multi GPU SLI/Crossfire setups while a additional Nvidia NF200 chip allows for full x16/x16 bandwidth while using multiple graphics cards.

The Mini PCI-e slot allows for MSata interface with which you can equip a solid state drive which can utilize Intel's Smart Response Technology. A Wi-Fi 802.11n wireless card is also included on the board.

To make overclocking friendly, Sauter designed 3 BIOS's for the board which can store different overclocking profiles along with Debug LED indicator light, power and reset buttons, CMOS clear button, CPU / chipset / memory voltage monitoring points.

Storage options include eight Sata 6GBps ports and ZOTAC also included a Simple IDE connector for those using IDE HDD's or DVD's. The Backpanel I/O features Gigabit Ethernet and eight-channel sound card, keyboard PS / 2, two USB 3.0 , four USB 2.0, eSATA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, optical S / PDIF.

This motherboard is equipped with some of the most finest features and overclocking ready High Quality PCB. The ZOTAC Crown Edition-ZT-Z68 U1DU3 is expected to be released soon, Pricing has not yet been detailed. Enjoy the pics below:

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