ZombiU Port Coming to PS4 and Xbox One? Probably Not

A site that generally has been very reliable in tracking rumors in the game industry as well as providing insight into cancelled game projects, Unseen64, has posted a report that ZombiU might very well be in development for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Could the critically acclaimed Wii U shooter, ZombiU, make it to the other consoles?

Supposedly the information is from a source that's close to Ubisoft, the publisher, and has a good relationship with them. They also said that Ubisoft could reveal their ZombiU port at their E3 press conference as well.

The video's creator, Tamaki from Unseen64, does echo that this is only evidence that they're currently developing the port, but nothing more than that. In fact, it might even really just be the confirmation that they're interested in making the port due to the stable long-term interest and sales of ZombiU.

Oddly, Nintendo exclusives tend to stay exclusives for quite some time, only breaching the console barrier after a generation. Final Fantasy remained a Nintendo only IP for two generations of consoles, until they branched out. Their exclusivity is a way to help generate more interest in the platform because they tend to be very high quality titles, with striking visuals and the integration of the various Wii U hardware that wouldn't obviously be possible elsewhere.

But it wouldn't necessarily be surprising if Ubisoft wanted recognized the potential of ZombiU and wanted to capitalize on that success by bringing it to other consoles. It's a fantastic game, but entry is limited. Not everyone has a Wii U.

What are your thoughts on a probable port to the other consoles? Do you see this as a potentially good move? Or is it too late for this to be fun on other consoles?

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