Zombie FPS Mash-up Moving Hazard Hits Early Access

Mat Growcott

Moving Hazard, a first person shooter where opponents attack each other with waves of the undead, has come to Steam's Early Access scheme.

Interested players can pick it up right now for $19.99 or £14.99.


Rocco Scandizzo, managing director at Psyop Games, said:

"Moving Hazard genre mash-up introduces all new strategies and tactics to military shooter games as well as a fresh way to handle the undead in zombie games. Players can now use the same tactics as the Governor in The Walking Dead, letting the zombies do the dirty work while you wipe out your enemies for their resources.

"With tons of additional content and features coming during Early Access, all based on community feedback,Moving Hazard is going to be the fresh take on competitive multiplayer shooters people have been waiting for."

The Unreal Engine 4 game comes with four maps, four game modes, and eight unique weapons, as well as more than 30 Player Perks and more than 50 Weapon Mods.

New features will continue to be added until this summer, when the developers are hoping for the game to reach full release.

Charles Bruntgardt, President at IllFonic said:

"The collaboration between Psyop Games and IllFonic has allowed us to leverage amazing game design and artistic assets to create a great looking, great playing new take on the multiplayer shooter.

"With early feedback from Beta players reflecting true excitement, we’re looking forward to releasing the game on Early Access and working with the Steam community to expand on and improve the next great competitive shooter."

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