Zhiyun Z1 Smooth R Stabilizes Your Smartphone Images And Is Compatible With A Wide Range Of Devices


Majority of manufacturers incorporate OIS chips in their devices to remove blurred out images from the equation. Unfortunately, not every smartphone camera features an OIS chip, meaning that your images and videos can end up becoming too shaky for your liking. This is the why Zhiyun Z1 Smooth R has been made, to eliminate this issue indefinitely.


Zhiyun Z1 Smooth R Is Compatible Will All Smartphones Under 7 Inches – Supports Both iPhone And Android Devices

Where mirror and mirrorless cameras become too bulky to carry around, photography junkies have relied on their mobile devices and action cameras to capture images and footage. With Zhiyun Z1 Smooth R, the handheld stabilizer helps to prevent the user from capturing shaky images and videos, and according to the company, the result comes out like you would be capturing images and videos standing while standing still. The product has a weight of 2.2 pounds grams, suggesting that your hands will not feel strained after carrying it for an extended period of time.


The stabilizer features three operation modes and they have been listed below:

  • Heading Following Mode: In this mode, the indicator will blink slowly and pitch and roll functions are locked. The head rotates smoothly follow the direction of the handheld.
  • Locking Mode: In this mode, the indicator light up and pitching and roll functions are both locked.
  • Heading and Pitch Following Mode: In this mode, the indicator will blink quickly and the roll function is locked. Additionally, heading and pitch will rotate smoothly follow the direction of the handheld.


In areas where there is immense amount of wind or if you are moving severely, then the control accuracy of the motor is around 0.02 degrees, and is able to adapt accordingly to the surrounding environment in order to capture the best possible footage. This will also require you to keep your hand still since you cannot expect the entire gadget to do the work for you.

According to the manufacturer, it supports Bluetooth connectivity and currently has two official models; one that supports smartphones, and the other that supports action cams. Keep in mind that you cannot use a smartphone and action cam in a single device and you will have to purchase them separately according to the gadget that you will end up using. Pricing details of both models have been listed below along with which devices it is compatible with.


As for the pricing details, Zhiyun Z1 Smooth R sports a $249.99 tag, and is currently available on Amazon. Do you think the price is right for a product like this? Let us know your thoughts right away.