The Legend of Zelda TV Series Reportedly Coming from Netflix Castlevania Producer

Zelda Breath of the Wild

Netflix’s Castlevania series has been a bit of a surprise hit for the streaming service. Despite the video game series lying dormant at the moment, Castlevania garnered strong reviews and enough viewers to get a second season. Well, it seems Castlevania’s producer, Adi Shankar, may be putting together an even bigger video game TV series – one based on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda.

There aren’t many details available, but TheWrap reports The Legend of Zelda series is the real deal, and Shankar recently posted the following tease on Instagram

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“I can confirm that I'm working with an iconic Japanese gaming company to adapt one of their video game series into a [TV] series. On Nov. 16 @ 1pm I'm going to announce what it is. I love you all. Thank you for following me on this journey. Entertaining you guys continues to be a privilege.”

Again, not many specific details available – we don’t know what form the Zelda series will take (animated, live action, ect) or where it will air, although Netflix seems like a pretty safe bet. Rumors of a Legend of Zelda Netflix series have been floating around for years, so perhaps something has been cooking behind the scenes for a while. In addition to Castlevania and a potential Zelda series, Netflix also has series based on The Witcher and Diablo in the works.

What would you like from a Legend of Zelda series, assuming one actually comes to pass? What specific games or storylines would you like to see adapted? I’m kind of split – as a new dad, I would definitely appreciate a kid-friendly Zelda series based on The Wind Waker, but I also would love to see a super-complex, dark, time-travelling series based on games like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. Or they could just continue the 80s cartoon. I’m cool with just about anything.

When reached for comment Nintendo simply said they have “nothing to announce on this topic.” Let’s hope that changes on November 16!

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