Zelda Breath Of The Wild’s Map Is More Than Double The Size Of Skyrim’s, Never Feels Empty; Only 1% Of The Game Has Been Shown So Far


Zelda Breath Of The Wild, the new entry in the series developed by Nintendo, is launching in just 8 days, and excitement is at an all-time high. Fans of the series do have reason to be excited for the soon to be release game, as it seems like we have seen very little of it so far.

In a new video by Jvtv,  plenty of very interesting details on the game have been revealed, with the stream noting that we have only seen 1% of what the game has to offer. Particularly interesting are the details on the map, which is more than double the size of the Skyrim map, and it's filled with content, so much that it never feels empty. You can find below a couple summaries that have been shared on Reddit.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Multiplayer Mod Showcased in New Video

All we've seen and played through demos until now is 1% of the map
- He then said that BOTW's map is about twice the size of Skyrim's world
- Zelda's world is filled with mini-dungeons, villages, life, and all sort of things. Doesn't feel - empty at all at any time, nothing like what we have seen in the gameplay. He complains that - the demo is the emptiest area in the game.
- Village types include villages of thieves, gentle farmers, etc
- The sounds are amazing and respond really to the environment and feels really immersive

He starts talking about Zelda around 19:07.
That streamer, Ken Bogard, is mainly a fighting game player/commentator and a shiny hunter. He is not a videogame journalist but works for Webedia which is a French company who own jeuxvideo.com, one of the big video game website for the french community.
A big important point, he didn't play the game yet, he watched and talked with the journalist in charge of reviewing Zelda, which is named Anagund in this case.
The first thing he says is that Zelda on the Switch screen looks really good and 'sharper' then when the console is docked. He really likes the Switch's screen.
He continues by mumbling that the game is really good.
He praises the artistic direction of the game and of all Nintendo games in general.
After that he says that everything we saw of the game until now only fills 1% of the map.
According to Anagund, the reviewer in charge, the map is more or less 2 times bigger than Skyrim's map and is filled with villages, npc, wild life, shrines and more. You get the feeling that the team in charge of the project spend a lot of time creating a living world.
In comparison with Twilight Princess the map is 12x bigger.
Apparently the only parts of the game Nintendo showed us during events are the "empty" parts of the world.
We can find friendly and hostile villages.
Caves, hidden or not, are all over the place.
There are relays where you can get or retrieve equipment.
Anagund(, the reviewer,) only played 3hours of the game when Ken (the guy talking) started streaming.
Ken then states that the world is big, that he is not a big Zelda fan, that the game has amazing colors.
Talks about the gameplay which feels complete, responsive and smooth. Bonus points for jumping and the dynamic combat.
He is Hyped-EX, like in Street Fighter.
He took some pictures he can't show because of the DMCA but he send them to some friends and they appear to be jealous. Seems normal to me.
Get's back to the map, now saying it's more like 2.5 to 3 times Skyrim map size.
Ends the Zelda talk by saying that on the Switch it seems to be a constant 30fps experience.
And that's all there is to translate about what Ken says during those 7-9 minutes.
But take everything with a grain of salt, he is not a videgoame journalist, he is not in charge of reviewing the game and he didn't play it. He only watched and talked with the one in

Zelda Breath Of The Wild launches on March 3rd in all regions on Wii U and Switch.