ZALMAN Introduces the Z8 Mid-Tower PC Case Series


ZALMAN has introduced the Z8 PC case series, a Mid-Tower PC case series featuring three PC cases. These three cases are the standard Z8 PC case, The Z8 MS PC case, and the tempered glass Z8 TG PC case. These three cases ensure that no matter the type of case you are looking for, the Z8 PC series will most likely have a version that fits your specific preference.

ZALMAN introduces their Z8 PC case series, which features three mid-tower PC cases, all featuring four pre-installed 120 mm case fans

These three PC cases all feature similar structures included a tempered glass side pane, the same mounting locations for various fans, and the same compatibility for large PC components. All of these PC cases feature Magnetic top dust filters and a bottom dust filter. This ensures that the incoming air to the PC case doesn't cause the inside PC components to get covered in dust.

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For Cooling, all of these PC cases come with four pre-installed 120 mm fans. Three of these fans are mounted to the front panel, while the final 120 mm fan is mounted to the rear of the case. This mounting design has the air pass over all the internal components, and this design ensures that the cool air is pulled in through the front fans and exhausted through the rear fan.

These cases feature the same Front IO, and this IO features a power button, a single USB 2.0 port, and two USB 3.0 ports. Alongside these USB ports is a single Headphone jack and a single Microphone jack, allowing for easy connectivity.

For compatibility, all of the Z8 PC cases feature the ability to support a maximum VGA length of 350 mm, a maximum CPU cooler height of 160 mm, and a maximum PSU length of 180 mm. The standard Z8 PC case comes with no pre-installed RGB fans, while the Z8 MS PC case comes with three pre-installed RGB fans mounted to the front panel of the case. The Z8 TG PC case swaps out the mesh front panel for a tempered glass front panel but still has all three RGB fans mounted to the front panel.

Zalman has yet to release any pricing information or when these cases will be available for purchase.