YouTube Music Inches Closer to Spotify With Latest Update

YouTube Music is well on its way to becoming the spiritual successor of Google Play Music. The music streaming service has received a host of updates since its release last year. It can now play local files and even download up to five hundred of your favorite tracks automatically.

It does, however, have a long way to go before it can compete against the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. Today, the streaming service has received an important update that will bring it on par with Spotify.

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YouTube Music gets some key Spotify-like features

One of the key reasons Spotify has so many subscribers is due to its impeccable music suggestion algorithm. There is no doubt that Google has one of the best AI in the world and it'll be interesting to see how it fares against Spotify. YouTube Music gets a feature that is similar to Spotify's Discover and Daily Mix. Let's take a look at what they to offer.

Discover Mix

Discover Mix will give you 50 tracks every week based on your existing music preferences. The recommended tracks refresh every Wednesday.

New Release Mix

New Release Mix works similar to Discover Mix. It refreshes every Friday when most artists release new material. It also uses your listening preferences and uses it to recommend new material based on those.

Your Mix

Your Mix is a personalized list of music that YouTube thinks you'll enjoy. It's a mix of tracks that you already like combined with some material you've never heard before.

As is the case with most AI-driven software, it'll take a while before YouTube Music can deliver accurate recommendations that'll suit your taste. It'll take a bit longer for people who listen to a lot of different genres of music. Don't be surprised if the initial recommendations look like the musical equivalent of the image below.

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These features are a step in the right direction and will go a long way towards helping YouTube Music establish a presence in the market. It'd be nice if Google let existing Play Music subscribers move their content over to YouTube Music, but I guess that is reserved for another time. Personally, I have about 80GB of music uploaded on Google Play Music and I'll be miffed if I have to forfeit it.

The new features are now available for all YouTube Music subscribers on iOS, Android and the webplayer.

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