Youtube Live to Take on Twitch – To be Announced at E3

Archie Paras

Last year Google was denied a buyout of livestreaming platform Twitch. In an effort to alleviate the loss, Google decided to build a livestreaming service of their own. The result, YouTube Live.


That's the reported name, according to Daily Dot, and a supposed announcement is said to follow at E3, 2015, which takes place between June 16th-18th.

Google has a team of 50 engineers creating the platform ans as one source stated,

"gaming and eSports in particular are going to be a big driving force"

A big focus on gaming for YouTube Live is to be expected, given the huge popularity it garnered with Twitch.

"Indeed, the streaming gamer with the most followers on Twitch is syndicate; he has just over 1 million followers on Twitch. But he's a YouTuber first and foremost, with just shy of 8 million subscribers there. PewDiePie made his name with (somewhat edited) videos on YouTube and has a whopping 30.1 million subscribers on YouTube, but he's managed to cross over into successful live streaming, too, with about 300,000 followers on Twitch." reported , from Ars Technica

"Any play for the game streaming audience wouldn't be an overnight success for Google and YouTube. Amazon and Twitch are going to be the leaders in the space for some time. But with Twitch broadcasters and Twitch itself already driving a ton of YouTube traffic, the opportunity is there for Google to capitalize on; the company just needs to decide if it really wants to". Peter continued

An E3 announcement also points that YouTube is potentially working with the gaming industry, and some big partnership deals are certainly in the works.


It will be extremely interesting to see what Google has in store with YouTube Live. We will bring you any new information as soon as it becomes available.

source: Eurogamer, Ars Technica

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