YouTube is Currently Testing Product Storefronts Under Their Ads

Furqan Shahid

Online shopping is becoming more and more prevalent in recent times and in the light of retail closure around the world, it has only reached a boom at this point. Keeping that in mind, YouTube has started working on making the website more shopper-friendly as the company has started testing a list of products that appear underneath a shopping ad that is playing when you are watching a video.

Users Will Soon be Able to Shop Directly Through YouTube Product Ads

The reason why Google wants to go with this route is that they are looking to help the businesses have a stronger presence as far as e-commerce is concerned. When implemented, every time a video advertisement would play, the space below it would show a feed of products that are being discussed in the ad along with a button that will allow you to start shopping right away.

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Once the ad is done display and the video is resumed, users can then return to the storefront from the top ad banner. According to YouTube, this is still in the experimentation stage. This is how the product listing is going to look like, at least in the early stages. Since Google shared it on their blog post.


According to Google,

All you need to do is sync your Google Merchant Center feed to your video ads, and you can visually expand your call-to-action button with the best-sellers you want to feature and drive traffic to the product pages that matter.

YouTube has also announced Video action campaigns that will serve as "simple and cost-effective way to drive more conversions across YouTube.” and they will be targetted to all the companies regardless of their size. This is what YouTube had to say,


It automatically brings video ads that drive action to the YouTube home feed, watch pages, and Google video partners, all within one campaign. To make it even simpler, we’ll include any future inventory that becomes available, like the What to Watch Next feed.

Last but not the least, both YouTube and Google ads will now have an attribution report that will give an insight how a budget can be allocated to have the best possible impact across YouTube, search, as well as shopping campaigns.

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