YouTube Dark Mode on Android Is Finally Rolling Out Widely


Much like Half-Life 3; Dark Mode has forever been an in-demand feature from users for a long time. The YouTube app for iOS already has the dark mode, leaving only Android users in the lurch. Time and again, we were told that it would be released 'soon' and today, that wait is over. Today is the day that everybody on Android can finally watch YouTube in a dark room without searing their eyes on white backgrounds. YouTube's Dark Theme appears to be rolling out to everybody.

You will be treated to a new message the next time you open the YouTube app. It prompts you to try the new Dark Theme with a button to enable it immediately. If it works for you, you'll see basically everything but the video thumbnails flipping from light to dark, or in the case of the buttons, dark to light. Overall, it's easier on the eyes (and the battery). There is a likelihood of hitting that button to try the new Dark Theme to going to do nothing. In that case, you can get it working by force closing YouTube and restarting.

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If you're stuck in this position, first check in Settings -> General for a Dark theme toggle. If it's not there, I got it working by clearing the storage on the YouTube app, starting it and waiting a few minutes while it pulled data from the YouTube server, then did another force close and restarted the app. At that point, the "Dark theme" toggle finally appeared. You'll have to wait a bit, but rest assured, it is here and you'll be able to use it eventually.


News Source: Android Police