YouTube App For iPhone 5 And iPad Updated With New Features


Apple made a number of changes in iOS 6. One of these changes was the discontinuation of the native YouTube app. Come to think of it though, most people did not use the native YouTube app because it just wasn't good. So Google went ahead and created a standalone YouTube app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Earlier today the YouTube app for iPhone 5 and iPad was updated with a host of new features. The new features are amazing to say the least and this particular update has been long awaited by iPhone 5 owners who can now download YouTube app for iPhone 5 in all its glory.

YouTube App for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen, .5 inch larger than any previous iPhone. This presented a bit of a problem to developers who had to update their apps in order to make them fit perfectly on the larger Retina Display. Google has followed suit and has optimized YouTube app for iPhone 5. It now complements the larger display beautifully and offers a rich viewing experience to the user. The app has also been optimized for the iPad, which is one of the most sold tablets around the world.

YouTube app for iPhone 5 and iPad have a number of other features apart from optimization for Apple's smartphone and tablet. For instance users now have the ability to stream videos through their iOS devices courtesy of AirPlay support. The app has also received bug fixes and performance improvements. Upon tapping the YouTube logo the guide of channels can now be opened and removing videos from playlists is also possible now. The video descriptions now support clickable links unlike before. VoiceOver accessibility is also better than ever.

The YouTube app for iPhone 5 and iPad is available as a free download from iTunes App Store. It requires that your iOS device must run iOS 5.0 or higher firmware in order for this app to install.