You Can Now Post to Instagram Straight from Your Desktop

Uzair Ghani
Instagram rolling out desktop uploads for everyone

Instagram is rolling out a new feature, allowing you to post photos and videos to the social network straight from your desktop.

Instagram Upped the Game by Allowing Desktop Uploads, Feature Rolling out for Everyone

Rather than making an official app for tablets and especially the iPad, Instagram has made an interesting decision to allow everyone to post directly to the network from a desktop web browser. Finally!

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This feature is currently rolling out and you may not see it just yet. But it works exactly like how it does using the official app for iPhone and Android. You can add captions, filters and whatnot.

In order to use this feature, once it has rolled out of course, simply open up the Instagram website in your web browser, sign in, click on the + button on the top right hand corner and upload away.

Keep in mind that video uploads, while supported, is limited to content under a minute in length. We’re assuming that Instagram will increase the limit down the line. But right now, make do with minute-long videos.

Again, you might not see the feature appear for you right away. Since this is a massive feature, therefore expect it to take up to a week to properly roll out. Given you’ve waited this long, a few more days won’t hurt at all.

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