You Can Now Lock Your Chrome Tabs Using Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone and iPad


Good news! You can now lock down your Chrome tabs using Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone and iPad. The feature is now rolling out to everyone with Chrome 92.

Chrome 92 Now Available for iPhone and iPad, Features Touch ID / Face ID Locking of Incognito Tabs, Full-Page Screenshots

This feature is currently limited to Incognito tabs. Enabling this feature is actually quite simple. Go to your Chrome settings, then under Privacy enable the Lock Incognito tabs when you close Chrome feature. Whether you have Face ID or Touch ID, it will be required to gain access to your Incognito tabs.

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This is actually a very handy little feature and something which everyone should consider using. But, apart from this, you now have the option to take full-page screenshots in Chrome. Just take a screenshot of the page and then tap on the Full Page option in the screenshot editor. Basically, Chrome now taps into the native full-page screenshot feature of iOS and iPadOS, just like Safari.

The latest update of Chrome is rolling out to everyone around the globe. Make sure you check the App Store for the update. If you haven’t already, you can download Chrome 92 from the link below. It is free, and it is great.

It would be interesting to see if Apple would implement a similar feature in Safari for iOS and iPadOS in an upcoming update. So far, nothing similar exists, even with iOS 15.

Download Chrome for iPhone and iPad [App Store link]