You Can Download and Install Windows 3.1 on Your iPad and it’s Super Crazy and Nostalgic


Fancy running Windows 3.1 on your iPad? You can totally do it right now and all it takes a little bit of effort, patience and commitment.

iDOS Let's You Install Windows 3.1 on Your iPad, Experience the Nostalgia in the Palm of Your Hands

We all know iPad as a device that was born to run iOS, and now iPadOS. But, thanks to an app called iDOS you can actually go ahead and install Windows 3.1 on your iPad.

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Now, it's not exactly a straightforward process. You can download iDOS from the App Store but you will require some tinkering around with your iPad in order to get to the final product that is Windows 3.1 on your iPad. Also, you will need a legit copy of Windows to install on the iPad as well.

If you are not aware at all, iDOS was created to run and play DOS games on the iPad. But thanks to Harry McCracken, the tech editor for Fast Company, you can go ahead and install Windows 3.1 using the app. But keep one thing in mind, iDOS will set you back $4.99 but it is a one-time investment. And once you get your hands on the necessary files needed to run Windows 3.1, the installation basically takes around 30 seconds.

In order to get the full-on Windows 3.1 experience on your iPad, it is highly recommended that you connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your iPad. You can either use the Magic Keyboard or just use anything that you have lying around.

Keep in mind that this is something which you will do for fun. You just can't go ahead and replace iPadOS completely with Microsoft's ancient operating system.

If you are all up for installing Windows 3.1 on your iPad, then head over to this link for the full tutorial by How-to Geek. Again, it will set you back $4.99 for iDOS so keep that expense in mind. We really wish it was free so that everyone could try it out, but there is a price for experiencing Microsoft's super-old OS right on your iPad.