Yakuza Like A Dragon Summons, Mini Games Detailed


New details emerged online today for Yakuza Like A Dragon, the new entry in the series currently in development for PlayStation 4.

The new details have come through the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, which has been translated by Gematsu. According to the magazine, Yakuza Like A Dragon will feature summons as well as plenty of mini-games.

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You can find the latest info below.


By paying money on your smartphone in battle, you can summon help. A large number of characters can be summoned, including Gary Buster Holmes, Gonda Wara, a crayfish, and more. Summons can support you in battle through attack, recovery, and more.

Play Spots

Dragon Kart – A racing game set on a course in the streets of Yokosuka. Pick up boxes to obtain weapons like a rocket launcher or Gatling gun.
Traditional Movie Theater – Ichiban Kasuga always falls asleep in the middle of a movie. This is a button-pressing (rhythm game?) where Kasuga battles the temptation of a sheep man in order to overcome that sleepiness.
PachiSlot – PachiSlot games Million God: Kamigami no Gaisen Another God Hades: Ubowareta ZEUS Ver., PachiSlot Fist of the Blue Sky: Houyuu, and PachiSlot Moujuuou: Ouja no Houkou appear. Settings do not reset when you leave the parlor, but rather change with specific timing. Machines located closer to the entrance have higher rates, which reflect the settings of real life parlors. This is the only PachiSlot simulator running on PlayStation 4.

Some new details emerged on the turn-based combat system employed in Yakuza Like a Dragon, a first for the series. When battles begin, regular people and delinquents will transform into RPG enemies, sporting some extravagant outfits and accessories, as if to highlight that the battle has begun.

Yakuza Like a Dragon launches next year in North America and Europe on PlayStation 4.