Yakuza 6 PC Patch April 12th Released; Fixes Phone Camera and Inescapable Grab From Last Boss Issue


The very first PC patch for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has been released by the SEGA team. Here’s what it does.

Since the game’s release on PC last month, players have been experiencing various bugs, including an issue with the in-game camera. As reported by various players, this issue prevented them from taking in-game pictures due to the storage of the camera being full. Luckily, this annoying bug has now been resolved and PC players can now once again take pictures.

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In addition to resolving various reported issues, the game’s first PC also reduces CPU usage when not in focus. Down below you’ll find the official release notes. SEGA notes that although these have been the main changes included, there are additional changes that haven’t been mentioned in the patch notes.

Yakuza 6 PC Patch April 12th Release Notes

  • Reduced CPU usage when not in focus
  • Fixed phone camera issue not being able to take photos on certain installation setups
  • Inescapable grab from last boss fixed (affected players with extremely high FPS)
  • Performance difference in VF5 and Sega Arcade minigames when playing in 30FPS (now locked to 60FPS)
  • Extreme Heat Mode keybind locked, now fixed
  • Darts minigame throwing speed was different depending on FPS settings, now fixed
  • Fixed the Sega Arcade game difficulty settings

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is available globally now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. The title is also available through Xbox Game Pass.