XPG Announces The STARKER Compact Mid-Tower Chassis – Features Plenty Of ARGB With Great Airflow


The case of your PC is seen by many as the foundation of a system. It is where all the components are housed. A good case is necessary for your system to perform at its best. The looks to most are important as well, but the airflow is even more important. XPG knows that these aspects are important and have launched the STARKER case. It is a compact mid-tower chassis featuring a stunning display of ARGB lights.

A Compact Design With Excellent Airflow And Plenty Of Storage Options

The XPG STARKER features a compact design with many quality of life features that help with the daily operation of your system. The innovative on-rail dust filter design allows for easy cleaning and protects your system from any dust. The front of the case features a sleek and sturdy front panel. The front panel has two ARGB light strips to give a vibrant glow to your case. On top of those features, the case supports both vertical and horizontal mounting of the graphics card with its smaller design.

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The design of the case features plenty of ARGB lights and it also features a design that promotes plenty of airflow. The design allows for air to flow freely through the case using a maximum of 6 fans. The case supports multiple radiators including a 360mm radiator at the front of the chassis, a 280mm radiator on top, and a 120mm radiator at the rear. Even with a compact design, there is plenty of space for storage. The case features a configuration of up to two 3.5" HDDs and two 2.5" HDDs or SSDs, plus a Combo Drive for 2.5" & 3.5" form factor.

The XPG STARKER is a good option for those looking for a compact mid-tower chassis with some flashy ARGB. The case comes in the option of a white or black paintjob.