Xiaomi Opens Up Its First Ever Physical Outlet – See All The Images Here


Xiaomi has finally figured out that if it is aiming to exceed the smartphone sales tally of Samsung, it can no longer keep itself confined to online stores. That being said, the company has finally launched its first ever physical store, and with that, the company is aiming to bring itself one step closer to customers.

Check Out All The Images From The First Ever Physical Store Of Xiaomi

Xiaomi, the third largest smartphone OEM in the world has opened up its first ever physical outlet in China. The firm will be aiming to bring the affordable Android smartphone experience to consumers residing in this region. The company has not only included its mobile devices and accessories, but has made sure that every single product released by them has made its way to the store, in order to show that it is showing equal commitment towards each and every single device.

Xiaomi Today states that when a customer enters the store, they will be able to witness a hands-on experience with whatever product they have intended to purchase. In order to help them with their purchasing dilemma, qualified individuals employed by Xiaomi can been see in the image, which obviously means that they are there to make the purchasing decision of the customer, a tad less excruciating. One primary reason why the company has decided to break the shackles of online stores is so that it can spread more awareness about its products globally.

The company’s $125 priced Redmi Note 2 just broke all previous sales records for the company by zipping past the 2 million sales mark. Keep in mind that these are the sales figures of the device that was only sold in the Chinese market, which ultimately means that the company could sell millions of units likes these if it branches its operations to other markets. The only way to do that is to open up a physical store, and what better way to open one than in your own country?

As you can tell from the images, the company hired an architectural aficionado that ended up delivering an ideal ‘Xiaomi’ atmosphere to customers as soon as they set foot in the store.

So what do you guys think? Is opening up a physical store for Xiaomi the very first step in ensuring that it will expand its operations globally? Let us know your thoughts.